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Finding and developing new international markets can lead to increased sales, business expansion and improved overall profits.
Over time, the import / export activity has taken on an increasingly incisive and predominant role in the context of company operations.
International exchanges derive from an articulated process of understanding and applying laws and regulations governing import / export activities, not only of goods and services but also of information and technologies, between different countries.
In addition, commercial compliance applies to many exchange agreements between entities operating in different international contexts with the ultimate goal of an efficient economic management.
LMWT is able to implement proactive customs planning strategies, in order to allow adequate overall tax planning aimed at optimizing the payment of duties and other indirect taxation charges (VAT).


With the support of LMWT, you will receive assistance in various areas.

Firstly, the supervision and control of all your internal processes and their compliance with international customs and the various procedures established by laws and regulations, eliminating problematic situations of corporate risk.

Second, it will be possible to document a complete end-to-end compliance program for your company. A business process conceived as a set of events linked together according to precise hierarchical rules, which govern transactions and allow monitoring of business activities from start to finish.

Once the audits and compliance programs have been carried out, it will be possible to guarantee assistance to your company in obtaining customs recognition, thus avoiding normal delays and inefficiencies within your international supply chain.


Key services

In international operations, each company will have to face different and highly articulated problems. The key services that LMWT offers you concern everything your company will need to successfully deal with any problem related to international trade.
Compliance audits
When dealing in imports and exports, compliance is essential.

Companies are expected to be proactive when it concerns compliance, and as such, a compliance audit questionnaire which takes a look at your international supply chain is usually the best way to discern any issues that might generate unwanted scrutiny.

Risk reports
A risk report goes in-depth into the processes and procedures ...

involved in your handling of imports, exports, movement and storage. This kind of check is designed to identify areas of risk that may result in government intervention. A risk report forms a crucial part of your overall compliance outlook. We are able to help you create and complete a risk report.

Compliance program
A compliance program defines your company’s policies and ...

procedures regarding import and export compliance. As an import / export specialist, we are able to help create a compliance program for your business to ensure you’re following legislation. The program can provide a step-by-step report for employees of your business to follow to ensure they remain compliant. The program can be customized to meet the unique needs of your individual business.

Project management
We will project manage your processes every step of the way ...

to ensure total compliance and efficiency. We will help ensure that the best processes are applied to your business, allowing you to complete your exports and imports without any issues. We will undertake to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. We believe that a project is usually deemed to be a success if it achieves the objectives agreed with the client to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget.

Duty optimization
Custom tariffs can be difficult to deal with when trying to import or export goods.

Making sure you understand the complexity of navigating payments all across the world is one of our top priorities when you work with us. Understanding the different tariffs and how much duty you need to pay can save you the shock of serious fines or penalties. I can help your business by guiding you and understanding which agreements affect your business.

Government regulations
Every government is different and it’s key that you understand the ...

individual regulations if you’re hoping to ship internationally. We have experience working in a wide variety of countries, which means we can help you to solve the most diverse and articulated problems. Different governments will have different regulations and it’s of vital importance to remain aware of them all. We can help manage that.

Product classification
Classifying all imports and exports correctly is of vital importance.

Using the correct commodity code ensures you pay the correct amount of VAT, duty, excise or levies under UK European or other legislation. We understand that it’s important you understand product classification and how to correctly classify something, correctly classifying products ensures that you don’t receive any fines or penalties.

Customs clearance
We will work with you as an import and export agent, ...

providing guidance on the wide variety of customs documentation you’ll encounter. As a specialist, we can guide you through the customs process, ensuring you have the correct documentation to enable rapid customs clearance of shipments arriving at ports and airports across the world. Getting the customs clearance process right will avoid penalties and fines.

A customs warehouse allows goods to be stored with duty or import VAT payments suspended.

While these payments will need to be made once the goods leave the warehouse, they can be a cost effective tool for importers and exporters to use. Thanks to our specialist knowledge, we can help you to know when best to use a customs warehouse and what to store. There is a lot of government legislation surrounding the usage of customs warehouses, and that too is something I am able to assist your business in understanding.

International supply chain network modelling
We can assist you with your international supply chain network design and ...

determine where plants, warehouses, distribution centers (DCs), consolidation points, and source of supply should be located. As part of the process, we would review all entities involved within the international supply chain including producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution centers, and end customer requirements. When international supply chain network design is done effectively, it can lower a company’s overall costs, reduce inventory buffers by removing supply uncertainty and result in increased profitability.

Looking for ways to cut costs is key for any business to survive.

The efficient moving of products to their final destination is a great area to cut costs in. We can become your trusted partner, helping you maximize the cost-effectiveness of your logistics while still helping you to ensure good service for your customers.
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